You won't believe what Mitt Romney says in this hilarious App. What you hear is Mitt Romney's actual voice, in his own words, as he spoke them.

The app then takes whatever he said and remixes it completely out of context. Any resemblance to what Mitt intended to say, hoped to say, or actually did say, is entirely coincidental.


  • Poke Romney and hear him say some really embarrassing stuff
  • Romney is a bit cheeky, so expect him to give you some attitude
  • Hear Romney sing America the Beautiful
  • When you talk to Romney he will repeat what you say
  • Make him hurt! Hit him in the stomach or slap his face
  • Change the background to exclusive and richly fabulous settings


This app has not been authorized, endorsed or approved by the Mitt Romney campaign for President. This app is meant for entertainment purposes only and is intended as a political satire and humorous review of the presidential process. The app complies with the "fair use" doctrine pursuant to United States copyright law and its equivalent in other jurisdictions. Per the Apple Developer Guidelines 14.2 is exempt from the ban on offensive or mean-spirited commentary. Though, no mean spiritedness is intended. Mitt Romney is actually a really funny guy!

Requires iOS 4.1 or later

Talking Romney is published by Beaker Media, Inc. Seattle, Washington

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Talking Romney was created by Beaker Media, Inc. in Seattle, Washington.

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